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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The TRUTH is The TRUTH! The Big Lie: Why America is all about Control and Conformity, not Truth or Freedom.

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The Big Lie: Why America is all about Control and Conformity, not Truth or Freedom.

America is one of the most mind controlled countries on the planet. Hypocritically, Americans chant with religious fervor about how they have freedom and democracy, while at the same time ACT like the "Borg Collective" from Star Trek that tries to assimilate everyone, both domestic and abroad. It's the ultimate lie and as they say "Actions speak louder than words".

In America, truth is not the highest ideal or passion. Neither is freedom or democracy, contrary to the myth. The country is governed by a sense of "moral authoritarianism" or the concept of "might makes right", which basically teaches that "Authority = Truth" rather than the actual truth itself. It's all about conformity and obedience to authority and the manufactured consensus.

Basically, you are taught to believe whatever you are told by authority, the media, and the consensus, even if it doesn't make sense and even if those sources have been proven to be pathological liars in the past and agenda-driven. In other words, you are not supposed to "think for yourself" in the "land of the free" protected by the First Amendment. Such is the irony and hypocrisy.

For example, whoever the elite corporate cabal pick as President and Vice President, (under the illusion of the voting process) are your public leaders, and your duty is to listen to them. Even if they are obviously pure evil scumbags with no credibility, such as Vice President Dick Cheney, you are still supposed to believe whatever they say and trust them as though they were moral paragons of truth and justice! In other words, you are to treat all figures of authority as moral paragons of credibility and integrity, even though they have NEVER earned or proven themselves to possess such attributes! And even if their record and actions show quite the opposite!

Now, you wouldn't hold an unknown stranger to be a paragon of truth would you? So why should you trust any stranger who suddenly becomes President of the United States, handpicked by the cabal, just like that, whether it's Obama or Bush or anyone else? It doesn't make sense and is illogical. Yet when you turn on the news, your President is already speaking to you as though you and everyone sees him as a paragon of truth and credibility, as though it were a given, simply because he is the leader and you are the follower. That's ludicrous!

It's a total disgrace and insult to your intelligence of course, but again, in America authority and consensus = truth, and that's that. Your mainstream media conforms to that and doesn't question it, so who are you to? You also have a patriotic duty to go along with what you're told. There is no real freedom to disagree, even though you are told that there is. It's a direct lie and contradiction.

In America, people are also taught to keep each other in line, so if you get out of line and do not follow the hive mentality of authority/media = truth, then you are ostracized and psychologically attacked by your peers. In that sense, the elite have a perfect form of mind control whereby the masses keep each other in line for them, without the need for martial law or troops. And your TV of course, is the technological instrument which makes it all the more easy for them.

So basically, America is all about CONFORMITY to whatever you are told by authority, media, and the social consensus (or perceived engineered consensus rather). Independent freethinking and truth seeking are not allowed. Yet all the while, you are supposed to boast to the world that "America is a free country". Total bull. It's a form of Orwellian "double think" whereby you are told one thing and given another, and programmed not to see the discrepancy.

It's sophisticated mind control and psychological warfare.

Here are some basic behaviors you are expected to CONFORM to in order to fit in and be considered NORMAL in America:

1) You live to work, are a workaholic, and tie your identity to your job, organization and culture. "You are what you do" in other words. And you have no identity outside of that. You are a happy slave who is glad to give your life to the economy in corporate servitude. This gives you purpose and contentment. It is what you strive and live for. After all, everyone is striving for that, so you'd better too!

2) You consume endless junk with your hard earned money, junk that you don't need which advertisers sell you, in order to fill the emptiness within you, and enjoy your life, while helping out your economy at the same time. So, you seek your pleasure in consumerism, both for your benefit and in your patriotic duty to help the US economy. Consumption is your key to happiness, not a healthy sense of self, spirituality or social connection.

3) You confine your social interaction within closed cliques that you established early on in high school or college. You only communicate with strangers for business related purposes (e.g. customer service, business transactions, professional sales, etc.).

You are not comfortable socializing or befriending strangers because you are paranoid of them, for every stranger out there is to be feared as a potential psycho, creep or criminal. This is the attitude that your media teaches you and is the social consensus. (never mind the fact that America is generally safe and so are most strangers) Just look at your local news. It's filled with fear mongering stories designed to make you paranoid of others.

Thus, you live in fear and paranoia for your own safety, since everyone else does too. You are taught that fear and paranoia are healthy protective attitudes to have. And as a conformist, you follow the media and their consensus of course. Your safe refuge is in the safe structured environment of your home, routine, job, and closed clique of friends.

Now, if you didn't establish any lifelong friends or cliques early on in life, then you're basically Screwed and a loser, so you'd better not draw attention to it or complain about it, lest you be seen as a loser and told that "you're the only one". Instead, be quiet and live in denial about it, while focusing on your civic duty to work and consumption (#1 and 2) to make yourself useful to society at least. Winners never complain about loneliness or lovelessness, only losers do.

Furthermore, since you are basically seen as a business resource in America, it's better that you limit your social life anyway, so you have more time to be industrious and work, since business is the purpose of your life, according to US corporate culture.

In fact, the local news projects the assumption onto everyone that relationships and friendships are not even a problem or issue in America. Instead, everyone already has a spouse, family and loved ones, and the only issue on everyone's mind is economic and job related concerns. That is the CONSENSUS attitude that the mainstream media and local news projects onto you. Therefore, if you're lonely and not happy with your social or love life, you'd better not admit to it, for the consensus is that such problems don't exist! Your tube is your reality, so if it's not on the news, it's not an issue.

4) You believe whatever you are told by authority, your corporate media and the social consensus (or manufactured consensus rather). Authority = Truth. Consensus = Truth. Might makes right. Truth is whatever you are told by the proper sources of authority, such as the government and corporate media, not what actually is. You believe whatever you see on TV, especially if it's from the respected corporate media (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, etc.)

You are a follower and conformist who follows the "herd mentality" that is engineered and conditioned into you. And at the same time you chant that you are living in a country full of freedom, free speech and democracy, while the rest of the world is under fascism and oppression. America is the richest and happiest country in the world, and you'd better believe that, not cause it's how you really feel deep down, but because it's what you're told is the consensus of the whole world. And any consensus belief (albeit manufactured) better be YOUR belief as well.

Anyone elected to be your leader by the cabal, under the illusion of the voting process, is someone you automatically trust as a moral paragon of truth and integrity. They don't have to earn your trust or earn their credibility. It's an automatic given. They are your leader, and you are a follower, so your trust and faith in them are a given.

For example, someone like Obama can come out of nowhere and become President, if the elite cabal wish it. Even though he has done NOTHING to earn your trust or establish himself as a paragon of truth or integrity, you are to treat him as such, because he your LEADER and YOU are a FOLLOWER, and that's that. Forget the fact that it's illogical to trust a man brought up and groomed by a proven evil corrupt sociopathic elite cabal. You do not serve the truth. You serve authority and consensus. Got it?

And you are NOT to use your freethinking mind to doubt or challenge any of this. Instead, you are to use your "mind" to ridicule and ostracize anyone who doesn't agree with the system, hive mentality or social consensus. That is your duty. You find nonconformists as repugnant.

5) You must agree with all consensus opinions (no matter how unjust and untrue) and avoid any taboo topics (no matter how true), aka adhering to "political correctness". In other words, you are psychologically and socially forced to agree with what you're told and what the consensus is, yet you must also believe that you live in a society that protects "freedom of speech". Another case of "double think".

From youth, you are psychologically conditioned to believe that conforming is "cool" and not conforming is "uncool". So much for free speech and freedom of thought.

This especially applies to "special" groups that are protected and given a special status of unaccountability in America. We are talking certain minority/racial ethnicities and gender (women of course) groups. (Now I'm not going to point out which specific racial groups these are, since I don't want to come across as being racist here, but we all know what they are).

What this means is that they are totally shielded from judgment and criticism, and can get away with anything. In that sense, they are basically infallible and unaccountable, for it is totally taboo to criticize them. Doing so will result in one being socially attacked as a "racist or sexist".

Therefore, these groups are shielded, which invites them to abuse or mistreat others, and get away with crimes even. That is plain wrong and unjust. But of course, you are not allowed to complain about it or expose it.

Now, I want to make it clear that I do NOT advocate hatred toward any group, minority or gender. I am not a racist or sexist. I am merely pointing out the TRUTH and reality that when you shield any person or group from any accountability, criticism or judgment, it will naturally invite them to misuse and abuse their special protected status and allow them to get away with anything. They can and WILL do it. (I could give so many examples, but it might be best not to lest it be used against me). This is especially true in societies like the US where selfishness and self-interest are encouraged as good values.

All Praises To Ahayah Bahasham Yashiya Wa Rawach!

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