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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Negroes Are NOT Hamite

Ahayah Yashiya's Blog


Examining the races that Noah's sons produced provides evidence regarding the TRUE APPEARANCE of the ISRAELITES. Noah's youngest son HAM was the father of the African races which include the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and the Canaanites. However, those who eventually became known as NEGROES did NOT come from HAM. Since NEGROES are BLACK, for centuries many have INACCURATELY assumed that they derived from HAM.
LEFT & CENTRE: King Tutunkahamun (found in his tomb). RIGHT: Queen Tiye (King Tut's mother).
Medieval depiction of the Queen of Sheba from Prague, Bohemia
Libyan People & Ethnic Tribes

So - Called Negroes sold as Slaves

This assumption that ALL BLACK PEOPLES derived from HAM most likely originated from the misinterpretation written in the BABYLONIAN TALMUD. The TALMUD provides a much DISTORTED explanation of the purported "curse of Ham" which reads as follows:
Our Rabbis taught: three copulated on the ark, and they were all punished-the dog, the raven and Ham. The dog was doomed to be tied, the raven expectorates (his seed into his mates' mouth) and Ham was smitten in skin.
The words "Ham was smitten in his skin" DEVIOUSLY insinuate that BLACKNESS is a CURSE, and since the curse in actuality was one of servitude, the enslavement of all those who have been smitten in their skin with the "curse of blackness", is therefore justified. The TALMUS 's RACIST view of black people gained strength during the Middle-Ages and was conveniently utilized to validate the SLAVE TRADE.

They are several instances of ISRAELITES being mistaken for EGYPTIANS in the Bible. This misidentification obviously indicates that the TRUE EGYPTIANS and ISRAELITES have SIMILIAR SKIN TONE. However, prior to examine the Biblical accounts of ISRAELITES being mistaken for EGYPTIANS, it is necessary to touch upon the ongoing CONTROVERSY concerning the COLOR of the EGYPTIANS.


According to the Holy Bible, the father of the Ancient Egyptians is Mizraim, Ham's second oldest son. As has been already noted, Ham is the progenitor of the African races. It is simply a FACT that although Egypt is contemporarily considered to be apart of the Arab world, it rests on the African Continent. And, before the Arab conquests, Egypt was predominately inhabited by the original BLACK EGYPTIANS.

Now, the Greek Herodotus visited Egypt in the 5th century B.C. He came into contact with EGYPTIANS and described them as DARK-SKINNED and WHOLLY HAIRED.

Herodotus wrote:

For the people of Colchis are evidently Egyptian, and this I perceived for myself before I hear it from others. So when I had come to consider the matter I asked them both; and the Colchians had remembrance of the Egyptians more than the Egyptians of the Colchians; but the Egyptians said they believed that the Colchians were a portion of the army of Sesostric. That this was so I conjectured myself not only because they are DARK-SKINNED and have CURLY HAIR (this of itself amounts to nothing, for there are other races which are so), but also still more because the Colchians, Egyptians, and Ethiopians alone of all races have practiced circumcision from the first.

It should be noted that Herodotus was not attempting to provide evidence that the Egyptians were a BLACK RACE OF PEOPLE; rather he was trying to prove the origin of the Colchis and compared the two groups.

When disputing various theories of why the Nile unlike other rivers does not give rise to any breezes blowing from it, in The Histories, Herodotus also mentions the Egyptians SKIN COLOR.

Indeed this way has no more truth in it than the rest, alleging as it does that the Nile flows from melting snow; whereas it flows out of Libya through the midst of the Ethiopians, and so comes out into Egypt. How then should it flow from snow, when it flows from the HOTTEST parts to those which are COOLER? And indeed most of the FACTS are such as to convince a man (one at east capable of reasoning about such matters), that it is not at all likely that it flows from snow.

The first and greatest evidence is afforded by the winds, which blow from these regions (Egypt, Ethiopia, & Libya); the second is that the land is rainless always and without frost, whereas after snow has fallen rain must necessarily come within five days, so that if it snowed in those parts rain would fall there; the third evidence is afforded by the people dwelling there (Egyptians, Ethiopians, and Libyans), who are of BLACK COLOR by reason of the BURNING HEAT.

So in conclusion, if the Ancient EGYPTIANS were DARK-SKINNED people and ISRAELITES were mistaken for them, then this is enough proof that the ISRAELITES were also DARK-SKINNED people, but NOT HAMITES, they are SHEMITES.


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