That is what I plan to do on this Blog, to teach the TRUTH to all my Hebrew Israelites Brothers and especially to all my Sisters and Children, like a MOTHER would teach her Child/Children. I have researched and studied for the truth, using the 1611 King James Bible, Strong’s Expanded Concordance and multiple of Historical Books. Also I’ve studied the Greek and Hebrew languages and writings and I believe that I’ve found the TRUTH, which has been hidden from our forefathers. Even though you may receive your foundation from a group, camp or organization, with all due respect, there is no group, camp or organization that anyone can join, everyone must seek the truth and decipher the information on their own. I hope my findings will help those who are sincerely searching for the truth. All Praises to the Most High Ahayah Bahasham Yashiya Wa Rawach!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ahayah Yashiya’s Blog

Shalam Ahch Wa Ahchwath!  VERY IMPORTANT!

Documented PROOF this is the ONLY True Name of the Most High (AH-first person or singular)+(H1961-Hayah)= AHAYAH.
These are NOT the Name of the Most High: Yahweh, Yehovah, Yahuah, Yahuwah, Yahawah, Jehovah, Elohim, EL, EL Shaddai, EL Roi, Lord etc.

(V = U), (UV = W), (I = J), (J SUBSTITUTE for Y),

Understanding on the Name of the Most High According to the Hebrew Language!!

The ancient Hebrew text consisted only of consonants, since the Hebrew alphabet had no written vowels. Vowel sings were invented by the Jewish Masoretic scholars in the sixth century and later."

The letters E, U, and O are vowel sounds. It is also important to mention that there are no V's or V sounds in the Ancient Hebrew. There's no possible way that the Hebrews using the Ancient Hebrew tongue could have called upon the names Yah, Yaweh, Yaveh, Yahweh, Yehovah, Jehovah, Yahuhua, Yahawah etc.

was injected into the text of the Old Testament by the Pharisees and others who practiced Babylonian Satanism (the precursor to Cabalism and Talmudism). For those who don't believe the Talmud is Satanic it proclaims that Christ is in Hell boiling in excrement and semen.
An agreement was forged between the Jewish Masoretes and the Catholic Church c. 1000 A.D. to change the name of AHAYAH in the Hebrew Old Testament to the pagan name Yahweh/Jehovah via the Tetragrammatons'.
This explains Rosenthal's saying, "We are amazed by the Christians' stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagating them as their own".
In Henry Ford's words. "The Christian cannot read his Bible except through Jewish spectacles, and, therefore, reads it wrong".
The demonic disdain for humanity exhibited by the Luciferian Jew, Harold Rosenthal, typifies the end result of a lethal amalgamation: Jewish religious ritual combined with the worship of knowledge and self. The Jews as a people, by rejecting God and/or accepting Jehovah, have been given over "to a reprobate mind...Being filled with all unrighteousness..." (Romans 1:28-31).
Of course, Mr. Rosenthal was a member of an elite, openly satanic minority among the Jewish people. Everyday Jews do not know that the god of their faith is in fact Satan hiding behind a mystical name. It is of no consequence to Satan whether he is worshipped deliberately or through subtle lies and deceptions. (Genesis 3).
The wise Solomon ask, "what is [God's] name, and what is his son's name, if thou canst tell?" (Proverbs 30:4). God's name is AHAYAH (sometimes transliterated Ehyeh) meaning I AM. This is the name given to Moses along with the law. "And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM; and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you...this is my memorial unto all generations." (Exodus 3:14-15).  "I AM the Lord thy God...thou shalt have no other gods before me" (Exodus 32:4-5).

Originally these four Consonants in(YHWH)represented the four members of the Heavenly Family:

Y - represented EL the Father
H - represented Asherah the Mother
W - represented He the Son
H - represented the Daughter Anath
The Jewish name for god is represented by the Tetragrammatons’ (YHWH/JHVH) can be pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah. The significance of God's name is repeated emphasized throughout the scriptures.

“Exodus 6:3 And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah was I not known to them.”
When dissected in the Hebrew, the true definition of Jehovah (Yah-Hovah) is revealed. "Yah" (#H3050) means "god". "Hovah" (#H1942) translates to "eagerly coveting, falling, desire, ruin, calamity, iniquity, mischief, naughtiness, noisome, perverse, very wickedness."

Jehovah is synonymous with Baal:

"Baal (#H1180) from ba'al with pron. Suff.; my master; Baali, a symbolical name for Jehovah -- Baali."

The Jewish encyclopedia ("Adonai and Ba'al") reveals: "The name Ba'al, apparently an equivalent for Yhwh."
Since the days of Jeremiah, the Jews have forgotten their god's name and replaced it with the title "Baal" or "YHWH/YHVH": The lying prophets "Which think to cause my people to forget my [God's] their father have forgotten my name for Baal." (Jeremiah 23:27).

YHWH/JHVH and Ba'al both represent the god of sexual perversion and wickedness, Satan.

However, Jews claim that this name (YHWH/JHVH) is not to be spoken aloud, despite God's command to declare His name throughout the earth (Exodus 9:16). Why ignore this commandment?
By reverencing their name of God (YHWH/JHVH) by not speaking it, Jews create an air of mystery and holiness around the name while enhancing the curiosity surrounding its pronunciations and power.
When curious Jews and non-Jews alike see the "sacred" Tetragrammatons’ being used in occult practice, they are intrigued by the prospective that these sorcerers have harnessed the mystical powers of the name. Wicca, Satanism, Tarot, occult Catholicism, Masonry and Cabalism use their knowledge of the "scared" name of god" as bait to recruit cult members. If the name were not hidden, these cults would lack a critical tool in their recruitment processes.
They could not offer this forbidden knowledge if the Jews, the self-proclaimed authority on God, spoke this name openly. The mystery religions and witchcraft covens owe a great debt to Judaism for conditioning the mainstream to accept the importance and secrecy of this name. The vocal praise of the name YHWH/JHVH is reserved for the "elect" who learn the Cabala (and pay money to do so) and is forbidden by the "profane".
Judaic doctrine is fundamental to selling the occult as a righteous practice. Satan is the author of confusion and goes by many names. Many of the Ancient Pagan Deities were SATAN and his ANGELS in other forms. The Jews employ a number of FALSE names for god in their rituals, which are also alternate titles for Satan and other powerful DEMONS.
In the same manner, the Black Magician and Satanist invokes DEMONS by name. In the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey (Jewish) provides an extensive list of "infernal names" that, when summoned, provide the practitioner with super human abilities namely intelligence, power, skills in manipulation, enhanced creativity, material wealth, and the satisfaction of diverse lusts.


was injected into the Tetragrammatons’, which you see in your Bible versions that the Masoretes brakes down the name of the Most High, (3068) יְהֹוָה in Phoenician Hebrew is pronounce from right to left as YA-HA-WAH or YAHWEH which the Jewish people used or in English JEHOVAH or YEHOVAH. This name יְהֹוָה was injected by the Masoretes between the 6th or 10th century under the Masoretes text. The Masoretes were European who hides the true God name from the Israelites.

This יְהֹוָה in the Strong's Concordance (3068), stated that JEHOVAH, YEHOVAH, YAHWEH, YAHAWAH, is the Jewish National name of God, so it was NOT all of mankind National name of God. This is the Jewish people national name of God NOT the Israelites. HOW DID THAT BECAME THE Jewish NAME OF GOD? DO YOU QUESTION THAT? YAHWEH derives from YAH or JAH, the Egyptian name for MOON is YAH, so the YAH came out of Egypt, because our people learn this God when they were under the Egyptian Rules.

"YHWH", can NEVER mean "I AM" or "I EXIST" or "I BE".

"hayah or hayaw" meaning "to be or exist", AH in Hebrew means a first or singular person, hence AH-Hayah means that I EXIST, or I BE, or I AM, so this is how you know the true name of the Most High, I AM = AHAYAH.

Hayah= H1961

A primitive root (compare H1933); to exist, that is, be or become, come to pass (always emphatic, and not a mere copula or auxiliary): – beacon, X altogether, be (come, accomplished, committed, like), break, cause, come (to pass), continue, do, faint, fall, + follow, happen, X have, last, pertain, quit (one) self, require, X use.

We see that Hayah means “to be” or “to exist”. In the Hebrew language, AH is a prefix word which indicates first person or singular. Hence; AH-Hayah means that “I Exist”, “I Be” or in the instance of Ex. 3:14 “I Am”.
Exodus 3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

Exo 3:15 And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name FOR EVER and this is my memorial unto all generations.
Exodus 3:13 ויאמר משׁה אל־האלהים הנה אנכי בא אל־בני ישׂראל ואמרתי להם אלהי אבותיכם שׁלחני אליכם ואמרו־לי מה־שׁמו מה אמר אלהם׃
Exo 3:14 ויאמר אלהים אל־משׁה אהיה אשׁר אהיה ויאמר כה תאמר לבני ישׂראל אהיה שׁלחני אליכם׃
Exo 3:15 ויאמר עוד אלהים אל־משׁה כה־תאמר אל־בני ישׂראל יהוה אלהי אבתיכם אלהי אברהם אלהי יצחק ואלהי יעקב שׁלחני אליכם זה־שׁמי לעלם וזה זכרי לדר
I AM THAT I AM = אהיה אשׁר אהיה

I AM = אהיה

So if we look at the Assyrian Hebrew alphabet from the picture at the top we can get and see exactly what the Most High GOD’s name is and how it is pronounced in the Hebrew tongue.

א = AH
ה = HA
י = YA

ה = H (in the Hebrew language the last letter of a word is silent and this is why we only have an “H” here, so it would not end in HA but just an H)

So the Most High GOD’s name in Hebrew would be spelled אהיה pronounced AH-HA-YA-H which is AHAYAH!

There are no vowel sounds in the pure form Hebrew that was spoken by the Israelites other than the Hebrew letter “I”, so NO E, O, U sounds existed, Ehyeh is just the English transliteration of his name AHAYAH.

So in Exodus 3:13-15. I AM THAT I AM = AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH in Hebrew. Ahayah is the God of the Israelites. He told Moses to let the children of Israelites that, I AM = AHAYAH hath sent me. His name shall remain FOREVER.

The same principle is used for our saviour YASHAYA. In Hebrew YASHAYA means SAVIOUR, Jesus/Yeshua does not mean Saviour. JESUS is derived from Greek and the word SOTER in Greek means SAVIOUR NOT Yahushawah, Yeshua, Yashua, Yahusha, Yahwsha, Yahusha, Yahawashi, Joshua, Jesus.

YASHA means "SAVIOUR" in Hebrew, now YA means "my" which is added at the end of YASHA = YASHAYA = GOD MY SAVIOUR.

A primitive root; properly to be open, wide or free, that is, (by implication) to be safe; causatively to free or succor: – X at all, avenging, defend, deliver (-er), help, preserve, rescue, be safe, bring (having) salvation, save (-iour), get victory.

We see that we get the root word Yasha which basically means Saviour. Using the same principles once again we’ll break down His name in Hebrew:

Yasha = Saviour

At the end of Yasha, you get the Hebrew suffix Ya. Some might ask, where does the Ya come from?

Ya, when used as a singular suffix form means “my”.
You have many who reject the Messiah’s name under the auspices that Yashaya is Isaiah’s name. Is this true?

When you examine the prophet Isaiah’s name, his name is Yashayah. Some may ask what the difference is between Yashaya and Yashayah. As you can see, there’s a slight difference. Yashaya ends with ya, while the name Yashayah ends with yah. Yet, this slight difference changes the meaning of the name. Yashaya means “My Saviour”.

The question is, what does Isaiah mean?

As was shown earlier, ישׁע means Saviour.  The Messiah’s name ends with י which is a Hebrew suffix and means “my”.

Isaiah’s name ends with יה which means “god” or “power”; slightly changing the meaning from the Messiah’s name. Whereas the Messiah’s name means My Saviour, Isaiah’s name means “Gods Salvation”.

So in John 5:43, when it said I come in my Father’s name, if you take the primitive root "HAYAH" of the Fathers name AHAYAH and add it to the primitive root "YASHA" of Christ name YASHAYA, then we get YASHA + HAYAH = YASHAYA.
This is taken directly from the Dead Sea Scroll. Take keen notice how it mentions Salvation (Yesha)

The Children Of Salvation (Yesha’) And The Mystery Of Existence (4Q416, 418) (Plate 22)
The Salvation (Yesha') of His Works
Fragment 9

Column 1
(1) [...the] time, lest he hear you. And while he is alive, speak to him, lest he... (2) without appropriate reproof for his sake. Is it not bound up... (3) Furthermore, his Spirit will not be swallowed (i.e. ‘consumed’), because in silence... (4) [and] quickly take his reproof to heart, and be not proud because of your transgressions... (5) He is Righteous, like you, because he is a prince among... (6) He will do. For how is He unique? In all His work, He is without... (7) Do not consider the Evil Man as a co-worker, nor anyone who hates... (8) the Salvation (Yesha’) of His works, together with His command; therefore know how to conduct yourself with Him... (9) Do not remove [the Law of God] from your heart, and don’t go very far along by yourself... (10) For what is smaller than a man without means? Also, do not rejoice when you should be mourning, lest you suffer in your life... (11) existence; therefore, take from the children of Salvation (Yesha’), and know who will inherit Glory, for it is necessary for Him, not... (12) And instead of their mourning, (yours will be) everlasting joy, and the troublemaker will be placed at your disposal, and there will not [be...] (13) To all your young girls, spea[k] your judgements like a Righteous ruler, do not... (14) and do not take your sins lightly. Then the radiance of... will be... Judgement... (15) will He take, and then God will see, and His anger will be assuaged and He will give help against [your] sins, according to... (16) will not stand up all of its days. He will justify by His judgement, and without forgiving your... (17) Poor One. O ye, if you lack food, your need and your surplus... (18) You should leave as sustenance for His flocks according to His will, and [fr]om it, take what is coming to you, but do not add there[to...] (19) And if you lack, do not... Riches from your needs, for [His] storehouse will not be lacking. [And upon] (20) His word everything is founded, so a[at] what He gives you, but do not add to... (21) your life... If you borrow Riches from men to fill your needs, do not... (22) day and night, and do not for the peace of your soul... He will cause you to return to... Do not lie (23) to him. Why should you bear (the) sin? Also, from reproach... to his neighbor. (24)... and he will close up his hand when you are in need. According to Wisdo[m...] (25) and if affliction befalls you, and... (26) He will reveal... (27) He will not make atonement with... (28) a[gain]. Furthermore...

So in conclusion, you cannot use YAH or JAH alone as the Fathers name or at the beginning and you cannot add HOVA/HAVA/HAWAH to the end, because it means WICKEDNESS/PERVERSE.

FACT 1. YAHWEH is NOT a HEBREW NAME. It is ARAMAIC, which is closely related to HEBREW. (sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 2. ARAMAIC is THE BABYLONIAL LANGUAGE that the JEWS adopted when they went to BABYLON around 606BC and translated it from PALEO HEBREW Scriptures to ARAMAIC tongue refer to as CHALDEON (CHALD). It is therefore important to recognize at the beginning that any words or spellings rooted in Chaldee, the pronunciation(s) cannot be taken to be the accurate way a name or word was spelled or pronounced in Paleo Hebrew. You will notice above, that it is in Aramaic, in Chaldee, that the "to be" is "hawa" and not from Paleo Hebrew. It is because of this Chaldee Aramaic Babylonian confession that Yahweh can be said, NOT TO BE A HEBREW NAME.(sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)

FACT 3. It is because of this Chaldee Aramaic Babylonian confession that YAHWEH can be said, NOT TO BE A HEBREW NAME. (sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 4. Aramaic replaced ancient Paleo Hebrew and nearly all the existing manuscripts, including the Masoretic text and the Dead Sea Scrolls, are in the Babylonian Aramaic alphabet.(sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 5. There is NO PROOF that ARAMAIC is PRONOUNCED like ANCIENT PALEO HEBREW, and to take "HAWA" a BABYLONIAN ARAMAIC FORM of "TO BE" and SUPERIMPOSE this upon HYH (AHAYAH at the burning bush) as the BASIS to INVENT YHWH and then FABRICATE the GUESS NAME YAHWEH LINGUISTIC FRAUD!(sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 6. These four letters YHWH are Babylonian Aramaic. They are NOT SACRED and they are NOT HOLY. They come from the very root of Babel, confusion, and babble and are profane! According to the Jews who teach about these four letter, the god of this name is a bisexual. He is said to be androgynous (being both male and female). This god is a devil god. He is NOT the TRUE God of the ISRAELITES. (sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 7. Any meanings associated with the Babylonian Aramaic alphabet letters that have been adopted into Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) are a high form of WITCHCRAFT and SORCERY of changing the TRUTH of God into a LIE (Jeremiah 23:27; Romans 1:25). (Sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 8. Two Catholic monks invented the guess names of JEHOVAH (1270AD) and YAHWEH (about 1725AD). They should not be in any Bible since they did not exist at the time the Bible was written.(Sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 9. The antichrist Concision (Law keepers, Noahides) who worships the Tetragrammatons’ YHWH, hail the Aramaic alphabet letters of Mystery Babylon to be sacred and holy and the guess names Jehovah and Yahweh derived from them to be the sacred name(s) of God.(Sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 10. Any translations by these Yahwist are of the DEVIL since they purposely interpolate YHWH (name of Baal) and even the guess name Yahweh into these fabrications. (Sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 11. Under the word "moon" we find this entry: --"Three names of the moon were used by the Hebrews: YAREAH, paleness; LEBONAH, white; and HODESH (renewing) new moon" (Sources: 1860 Bible Dictionary written by the honorable Sir. William Smith, English lexicographer P 206.)

We focus our attention of the name "YAREAH" which is the same as YAHREAH and YAHWEH, the first "H" after the letter "a" being dropped in the English transliteration and also dropped from more modern Hebrew translations. Strong’s renders the word "moon" in Genesis 37:9 from the Hebrew as "YAREACH #3394". (Sources: 1860 Bible Dictionary written by the honorable Sir. William Smith, English lexicographer P 206.)

This shows a clear attempt at corrupting a word to make it appear to be a different word and not lead a person to see a connection between YAHREAH the moon god and the guess name YAHWEH! Anyone with a keen eye can see that YA-REAH and YAH-WEH are identical except for the slight "r" sound twisted into a "W"! What do we have here? We have a solid proof that the name of the ancient name of the moon god is the same name now said to be the true name of God. YAHWEH and its Tetragrammatons’ YHWH or JHVH is not the name of the TRUE God but the name of the MOON god! The Jews have PERVERTED the name of God and replaced it with the name of the moon god!

Yahwist, they are all MOON god worshipers! A YAHWEH believer is any person who believes YHWH (the tetragramamton name of Baal) pronounced YAHWEH, is the name of God. YAHWEH is a guess name and is NOT THE NAME OF THE TRUE GOD. YAHWEH as it is spelled IS NOT A HEBREW NAME for God! (Sources: Ency. Brit. 1958.Ed Vol 12, p. 988, Ency. Brit 1958 Ed. Vol. 12, p.995-p.996, Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p.79 seq.)
FACT 12. Genebrardus invented the guess name "Iahve, Jahve" (Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p. 79 seq). How did Genebrardus invent this new guess name?

Actually he borrowed from Clement of Alexandria (a Platonist Gnostic early Catholic) the Greek spelling IAOVE (Zeus), which is universally known as JOVE (Roman Jupiter), and converted JAOVE to YAOVE adding the H and dropping the O, hence YAHVE! Yahve then is none other than Zeus or Jupiter! For acceptance of his new invention and to support his new guess name, he went to the Samaritans (enemies of God and Israel) and borrowed IABE from their Bible.

This he converted to YABE and finally converting the B to a V he arrived at YAVE, adding the H, since this letter is silent he fabricated YAHVE. He felt secure Yah was correct since this appeared in (Psalms 68:4) as Jah. .)

He was unaware that Iah was a pregnant pagan Egyptian falsehood replacing the original Ieh (Yeh or Jeh) as first given by Moses and incorporated in the new name he gave to Oshea. It was after the death of Genebrardus that other Yahwist dropped the letter V and a double U (UU) or as now a W was added forming YAHWEH. This hybrid rival name was proposed as the name of God, claiming that Iehovah or Jehovah as found in the Masoretic text was false.
FACT 13. I make no apology; the Tetragrammatons’ is a FRAUD! The guess name YAHWEH is a Samaritan hoax developed modernly by Genebrardus! The fabricated name YAHSHUA is a falsehood! I will stand against all Jews and Gentiles, scholars and idiots, who claim otherwise. (Chronographia, Paris, 1567 (ed. Paris, 1600, p. 79 seq).

The guess name YAHWEH is a modern FRAUD! It is NOT THE HEBREW NAME OF GOD! It is the name of a DEMON at least and the name of a FALSE god at most. The FABRICATED name YAHSHUA is a FRAUD!
FACT 14. I will be straight forward here. The four lettered Tetragrammatons’ YHWH or JHVH or any other four letters such as (IHVH or JHVH), are found deeply connected with SORCERY and WITCHCRAFT. When a WITCH chants the Tetragrammatons’ in his rituals the DEVIL answers. God NEVER answers these witches in their rituals.

The four lettered Tetragrammatons’ is "NOT" God's sacred name and all of God's truth and laws are "NOT" found in the letters YHWH.
FACT 15. The Tetragrammatons’ YHWH NEVER appeared in the original autograph book of the Law at any time. These letters were forged and placed in the scrolls centuries later by Babylonian occult scribes, who then PERVERTED the scripture to make their SECRET OCCULT name an ineffable name among those not initiated into the cult.

There is absolutely NO PROOF that the Tetragrammatons’ was ever in the text of Scriptures prior to the Babylonian captivity and up to the time of Malachi.
FACT 16. "Yah" was an Egyptian moon god. Why would God tell Moses to tell the Israelites the moon god sent him?
The Egyptian word for I AM is "nuk."  If Moses went back and told them I AM sent me he would have said "Nuk" sent me.  "Nuk" then would have been a name for God.  Something not found in your Bible anywhere.

God did not give or speak the Tetragrammatons’ at the burning bush. Anyone who claims that the sacred name is “JHVH” or “YHWH” in this text and then makes this into Iahwah, Yahueh, Yahve, Jehovah, Jehova, Jehowah, Eave, Yahhewahe, Yahweh, Yehwah, Yahwah, Yahuah, and Yohewah, Yahushawah, Yeshua, Yashua, Yahusha, Yahwsha, Yahusha, Yahawashi, Joshua, Jesus  are liars. They may be educated liars, ignorant liars, or stupid liars, but still liars.
FACT 17. What is the sacred name revealed to Moses at the burning bush? It is AHAYAH! And what name was Moses supposed to pronounce when he told the ISARELITES the name of the God who sent him was AHAYAH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? And what is then God's memorial name of deliverance from Egyptian bondage? It is AHAYAH!
FACT 18. If you are a believer in the FRAUD interpolated into the text above that the name of God is JHVH or YHWH and make these to mean Iahwah, Yahueh, Yahve, Jehovah, Jehova, Jehowah, Eave, Yahhewahe, Yahweh, Yehwah, Yahwah, Yahuah, and Yohewah, Yahushawah, Yeshua, Yashua, Yahusha, Yahwsha, Yahusha, Yahawashi, Joshua, Jesus  then read no further.  You are unworthy of what follows.

YAH is not the name of God. I do not care if it is in Psalms 68:4 as JAH. David did not write Chapter 68. It was written many years after David and perhaps after the return from the exile. Verse 29 speaks of the Temple, something not built until after David's death.
FACT 19. The PAGAN name of "YAH" is the Egyptian MOON god and all the Jewish scribes and Law-keeping reprobates will never overcome that fact.

While many think the name "Iah or Yah" is a sacred name for the true God, the history of it goes back to Egypt. It is not the name of God and it is not an abbreviation of the alleged name Yahweh. "Yah" is the Egyptian MOON god and "Shu(a)" is the Egyptian SKY god. Yah is also the GOAT god with whom also is associated the MOON. (Source:

There is now available a great amount of information on Yah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Yahshua, and many other false names being used for the Most High and Yashiya. Do not be deceived by the modern law-keepers and sacred-name Hebrew-roots movements that are full of heresy and who deny YASHAYA the Messiah.

"Yah" is the Egyptian name of TOTH as the MOON god. And "Shu" is the Egyptian SKY god of the heavens. (Source:
FACT 20.
Tetragrammatons’ Fraud:
1993 debate in Conyers, Georgia:(Source: -
Questions in 1993 debate to Yahweh prophets:
Q. Who wrote the Bible in Aramaic?
A. The Jews.
Q. Who inserted that Tetragrammatons’ there in the gap?
A. The Jews.
Q. So you admit the Jews made this bible page and inserted the YHWH Tetragrammatons’?
A. Yes, they did it.
FACT 21. A portion of the Dead Sea Scroll of Psalms 119:59-64, written in the Aramaic (Babylonian) alphabet.

The text is Talmudic-Babylonian (Aramaic) and is no older than perhaps around 30BC-50AD. While scholars will wail and scream, these scrolls appear to be made by a sect of Babylonian Jews and could date from 100-700AD and not from the time before Christ at all as alleged. Some want these texts to be very old so they can authenticate the Tetragrammatons’ and or other teachings they now claim the Christians stole or borrowed from the Essenes.

There existed in Israel up to the eighth century Jews who used these caves. The artifacts found in them demonstrate a continuous use for several centuries. The scroll is said to be from the library of the Essenes but this cannot be proven. We are told without proof that the Essenes devoted their lives to expunge from the manuscripts corruptions placed in them by Babylonian tainted scribes. Yet they used Babylonian Aramaic themselves. So they did not distance themselves very far from the other Babylonian returnees.

We do not know if this Psalm scroll was considered by them to be authentic or among those that were corrupted.
FACT 22. If you take a look at the four letters YHWH,
they are FOREIGN to the rest of the script both as to STYLE and also the SLANT of the letters. These are in PALEO Hebrew an ancient alphabet prior to the Babylonian captivity. They are not in conformity with the previous written script. They are not even inserted in the manuscript level with the surrounding text. This shows that this is a FORGERY and an INTERPOLATION. Thus, the four letters YHWH
are a careful FRAUD. The scripting is Aramaic Babylonian rabbinical writing and did not come into practice until after the Babylonian captivity. The interpolation is four letters written in the ancient Paleo alphabet (sometimes called ancient Hebrew). But what are these four letters?

Are they the Tetragrammatons’ YHWH or JHVH? No! The third letter is not a "waw or a vav". This letter is not the Paleo-Hebrew letter for the W or the V. Here again, the Yahwist cannot have the name YAHWEH without the "W" sound with the "W" alphabet character which also, like the letter "J" was invented to symbolize the sound. We admit that the "W" sound was also included in the use of the "V" but what are the rules of grammar to know when the "V" had the "V" sound and the "W" sound?

What then is the third letter? Look at the red letter to the right and compare it to the third letter to the left. They are NOT the same. 

What is the solution? What is the letter to the left that is being passed off as a W or a V among scholars and sacred name blasphemers?

The next chart to the right will show you what this letter is and how it was perverted.


FACT 23. The following "guess" names by scholars and other name pundits are all FALSE:
Iahwah, Yahueh, Yahve, Jehovah, Jehova, Jehowah, Eave, Yahhewahe, Yahweh, Yehwah, Yahwah, Yahuah, and Yohewah, Yahushawah, Yeshua, Yashua, Yahusha, Yahwsha, Yahusha, Yahawashi, Joshua, Jesus (to list only a sample of the false names being claimed to be the sacred name).

The following was scanned from the book entitled: God, Jews, And History, by Max I Dimont (a Jewish Scholar), page 29:



In this corruption, not only is the original name AHAYAH ignored and given no notice. Another mystery name occurs fashioned out of the name of the Egyptian MOON and SKY gods, that of Yahweh, which name means PERVERSE or PERVERSITY!

These gods and their names were also transferred over to VOLCANOS whose smoke and fire plumes reached up toward the MOON and SKY. Pagan altars where animal and human sacrifices were offered emitted both fire and smoke, the similar effects of these large and evil looking volcanos.

At pagan shrines the fire and smoke ascended up to heaven to the worship and praise of these gods of the sun, moon, sky, stars, planets, and constellations. The Egyptian moon god "Iah" is called "lord" which in the glyphs is "Neb" from which we get Nebu "the lords" and such names a "Neb-o, Neb-ai, Neb-aioth, Neb-ajoth, Neb-ballat, Neb-at, Neb-u-chadnezzar, Neb-u-shasban, and Neb-u-zar. Nebu or Neb-o in Egyptian means "lord" and in the Paleo-Hebrew language 'Neb" is translated "baal." Because this Egyptian name or title did not represent the true God, it is not used by the Godly Israelites in their personal names or the names of places.
That Mount Nebo was named such had to be before Moses ascended this mount. This mount was obviously dedicated to some "lord" or god which in later years under the reign of Mesha, king of Moab, was found an altar allegedly to a god named YHWH! Since this altar was found in Nebo during the reign of Ahab, and Mesha considered this altar to be the altar of the god of Ahab, it is not hard to see right away that Ahab's god was Baal and not the true God (1Kings 16:30-32).

Therefore, the altar identified on the Moabite Stone along with the god YHWH was the god Baal. Keep in mind that in the days of Mesha that the name "Israel" was the identity of the northern ten tribes under Ahab. So, for Mesha to say he took the altar of YHWH, presumed to be the god of the Northern Ten Tribes under Ahab called Israel, he only dragged back before Kemosh his god an altar of Baal. The name Israel DID NOT identify the tribe of Judah at this time nor did the name of the god YHWH identify the name of the True God of Judah!

YHWH has absolutely no connection to the true God. This is another case where the Tetragrammatons’ is associated with paganism, witchcraft, sorcery, an­d idolatry. The Jews adopted Aramaic Babylonian articulations for letters and also pronunciation of word forms. The letter "I" in some cases was given the "E-e" sound As in Yehshu(s) where the "Y" or "J" sound is changed into an "e" so that Jehshu(s) is rendered "eesho" with no masculine (s)ending the name.

These were further altered by the Masoretes who used forms of Yiddish (ancient German), and from this we have the "yah, yud, and yod" sounds of "I and Y." From this also comes the hybrid spelling Yeshua. There still seems to be a remnant of the "J" sound in German "Jah" as when saying the word "yes."
FACT 24. The guess name "Yahshua" IS NOT found anywhere in any ancient manuscript as the name of the Messiah. It is not in the Bible ANYWHERE! I have debated the Yahweh's and asked them to produce the documents that the name "Yahshua" was the name of the Messiah. Thus far none have done so and they shall never be able to do so. In spite of this, there are several Yahweh sects and cults who continue to spread the false doctrine that "Yahshua" is the correct Hebrew name for YASHAYA.

They claim "Yahshua" does not need transliteration and is accurate in that name form. Is this true? No it is NOT! Yahshua is an invented name that first appears in the Catholic Church and from the hands of monks. It next appears in Protestant writings of men who were Trinitarian. The fact is, that when the Babylonian Masoretic scribes updated the Aramaic and Greek Scriptures in their possession to form a new "redacted" Bible, they added dots and dashes to represent vowel sounds they believed were within these words.

It was these Masoretic scribes living in Babylon who claimed that the correct vowels to insert into the Tetragrammatons’ YHWH were those in the word "Adonai" when correctly they took them from words like "hovah, ahvah, ahveh". And it was these same scribes who practiced magic and the Kabbalah who suggested that when the vowels of Adonai were combined with JHVH, the sacred name was pronounced "Iehovah" later to be spelled either "Yehovah" or "Jehovah." Certainly the Jews did not protest their own formula for guessing the lost sacred name, they gave it to the world. They put the vowel marks on the Tetragrammatons'".

In fact, many do not protest today although the most recent guess name of "Yahweh" is now the favorite of Jews, Catholics, and Protestants, and found proliferated by them extensively throughout their modern theologies. And what do they offer as the AUTHORITY for adding the necessary vowels to form Yahweh? I know where they got the vowels "a" and "e" to insert to make the guess name Yahweh. And it would shock you to know.

I know what they say "Yah" means, but what is the pregnant hidden riddle in the "weh" or "veh" According to the Jews, Yah is the male side of God and Weh is the female side. This name YAHWEH is the name of a HERMAPHADITE two sexed bisexual god. Let them tell us if their YHWH is a bisexual god? It is always a claimed "YAH" comes from (Psalms 68:4) but this is an assumption, and believed, but there is not one person in history who says that "Yah" in the name of YAHWEH comes from this text except the Yahwist trying to prove their case for YAH being the first three letters of the Tetragrammatons’.
FACT 25. The guess name Jehovah is the same as the word "hovah"(Strongs 1943) in the first box to the left and means ruin or disaster. The guess name Yahvah is the same as the word "ahvah" (Strong’s 5753) in the second box on the left and means to do perversely. The guess names "Yahveh or Yahweh" are the same as the word "ahveh" (Strong’s 5773) in the third box on the left and means distorting, perverting! By adding a "J" or a "Y" to these words and forming FALSE sacred names, the occult and mystic fabricators invented "Jehovah" and "Yahweh!" If you call upon these names you may be calling upon a DEMON or a FALSE god.

Y-ahweh or Y-ahveh and combining the name of the MOON god to this "ahveh or ahweh" we can see that those who baptize in the name Jehovah or Yahweh are baptizing their idiot converts into the names of gods of ruin and perversity. It is the taking of "Yah" as found in the KJV in Psalms 68:4 as "Jah" that begins the subterfuge of creating the FALSE name "Yahshua".

In the Psalms text, the word "Jah" is said by Strong’s to come from "iah". It is from a FALSE use of this three-lettered word that "Yah" emerges as the first step in the formula of fabricating the name "Yahshua." At this point there is no such name as "Yahshua" it must be FABRICATED, it is not found once in all of the Word of God in any ancient manuscript.

The first error of the Concision here, is to give this three-lettered word the pronunciation of "Yah" with the "Y" replacing the "I". Now there is no "Y" in the Hebrew alphabet but that makes no difference to the sacred-name sects and cults.

From the Hebrew Lexicon:

What does the Lexicon reveal about the names Jehovah and Yahweh? Surprisingly, it reveals that this god is NOT who the ancient Israelites looked to for guidance, but is actually the god of the Phoenicians. And his name is: Ba’al. That’s right: Ba’al.

In the Hebrew Lexicon, at reference number 1180, you will see that Jehovah is Ba’al.

The Lexicon reveals that Strong’s number 1180 comes from Strong’s number 1167. But what will you find at Strong’s 1167? The Lexicon, again, reveals that the name Jehovah is a symbolical name for Ba’al.

If you follow that reference by clicking on the reference link 1167, you will arrive here: Jehovah is another name of Ba’al. And curiously, if you read the definition at reference 1167, it tells you that reference number 1168 is THE SAME as reference number 1167.

And what is the definition for reference number 1168: Ba’al bah’-al the same as 1167; Ba’al, a Phoenician deity. So in fact, Jehovah IS Ba’al, a Phoenician deity, not the Sovereign of Yacob. (We should note, however, that ancient Israel did leave the Sovereign Creator and his Laws to worship the deity known as Ba’al, and if you have read the history of ancient Israel, then you know they experienced some rather bitter consequences for spiritual apostasy;

The combination of the consonants of Yahweh and the vowels of Adonay created the hybrid name Jehovah, used by no Jews and only unlearned Christians.

According to Albert Pike, a 33rd Degree Mason in his book Morals and Dogma, he stated the true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is that of Yahveh (Yahweh) reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry.

So in conclusion, "The shortened form YAH is the independent form and/or the terminal form in some names like Elijah. Though it can stand at the end of a word, IT CANNOT STAND ALONE OR AT THE BEGINNING."

"It is also NOT true that Yahushawah, Yeshua, Yashua, Yahusha, Yahwsha, Yahusha, Yahawashi, Joshua, Jesus   means "the salvation of Yah."

"It is NOT true that Iahwah, Yahueh, Yahve, Jehovah, Jehova, Jehowah, Eave, Yahhewahe, Yahweh, Yehwah, Yahwah, Yahuah, and Yohewah are the name of the Most High.

AHAYAH is the ONLY NAME that was given to Moses AND YASHAYA is the ONLY NAME for the MESSIAH.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is "Ahayah Ashar Ahayah" in the ancient Hebrew. Vowel sings were invented by the Jewish Masoretic scholars in the sixth century and later. Ehyeh is the Yiddish spin of Ahayah. You can verify this in the Zondervan Bible Dictionary, under "Languages." We have the ancient Hebrew and currently studying it. You will find that there's no vowels, so that throws out every other names. The name of the Most High is "Ahayah Ashar Ahayah" - Exo 3:13-15. Bless you!